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A trademark can be a logo, design, shape, and combination of colors, combination of different shapes etc, which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one brand from others.
It is universally accepted that a Unique Brand logo is the most valuable asset of any business as it makes your product or services recognizable and different from those of the competitors.
It is very important to protect your brand logo from misuse or duplication by others. It is only possible by applying trademark of your unique brand logo. A trademark protects originality of your brand logo in case anyone claims the ownership of your brand & enjoy any undue advantage.
Trademarks are classified into 45 classes based on business activity. A trademark can be registered in multiple classes as per the requirement of the business organization.

A Trademark objection may arise due to Identical or Descriptive Name, Deceptive brand name or Design, or a Prohibited Name.
A suitable legal reply is to be filed against trademark objection raised. Trademark is objected by a trademark examiner who is appointed by trademark registry and is authorized with the duty of examination of trademark applications. The reply to the trademark objection requires to be submitted to the trademark office. Failure to do so shall results in rejection of your application and may lose right in your trademark

Why is the reply to a Trademark objection is necessary?

Avoids Rejection

The Existing Application for Trademark will be saved from being rejected and can be restored. This will save time and money and there will be no need to apply for fresh ™ application again.

More chances of Trademark Registration

Chances of your trademark registration can be increased and you can enjoy all the available legal rights and protection from infringements.

Ensures Reliability

Filing a prompt reply on proper grounds and with supportive pieces of evidence will prove that you are not infringing the rights of others existing trademarks.

Permission to use ™ symbol

The right to use TM symbol with your brand logo will be vanished if you fail to reply to the objection within the given time frame.

Copyright is a form of the intellectual property that provides rights to a creator over its literary and artistic works. Copyright registration is necessary aspect that protects your original artistic or literary work such as a book, music, video, cinematographic films, dramatic, computer programs, databases, advertisements, and paintings website, mobile app or software from infringement.

The significance of a Copyright registration can never be overlooked as:

Protects originality

Copyright endures originality/novelty of a creation, which can also be sold, assigned & authorized to use.

Low cost

The cost of copyright registration is very low as against its accrued benefits.

Lifetime validity

Copyright registration is mostly valid for a lifetime or till 60 years from the death of the creator.

Wide range of protection

Copyright works include books, sound recordings, music, artistic work, cinematographic films, dramatic, computer programs, databases, advertisements, and paintings.

A patent registration is an intangible asset helps in getting an exclusive right to commercialise an invention or new idea and legally extract monetary benefits out of it for a considerable period. A patent registration helps in getting an invention converted into an intellectual property. A Patent registration is valid for 20 years. An invention can be commercially and legally used by the inventor till 20 years.

Get a unique and striking logo design for your company or brand to get a distinctive impression for your business brand.
Even If your brand is at the planning stage our professional artist suggests you & help you out with ideas and tips for your designs.
We welcome the inputs on of our customers regarding Logo Design at all times and would create design concepts based on your ideas. We would come up with various alternative suggestions and you can choose the one that is the best for the image of your product or company. Our Logo Designers are experienced in gauging exactly what you want and are able to translate it into an attractive and professional Logo Design.

Income tax Return filing return is a mandatory annual compliance for every individual or entity whose income exceeds the threshold limit as mentioned in the Income Tax Act 1961.

There are 6 main types of ITRs:

ITR 1 (Also Known as SAHAJ)

This return is for individuals whose total income generated from Salary, Pension, House Property, or Other Sources.


This return is for Individuals, HUF & Partner in a Firm whose income is from salary, pension, house property, capital gains, foreign asset/income or other sources


This return is for Individuals or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) who have income from professional gains or carrying business profession (PGBP)

ITR 4 (Also Known as SUGAM)

This return is for Individuals or HUF who have income from PGBP but have opted for presumptive income scheme.


This return is for Firms, LLPs, Body of Individuals (BOI) and Association of Persons (AOP).


This return is for all type of companies such as Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, OPC, except Section 8 Company.

Benefits of timely filing ITRs are as follows:
Though According to income tax laws, filing return is mandatory for every individual or entity whose income exceeds the threshold limit mentioned in the income tax act but there are certainly other benefits as well for the filing of ITR:

Loans Availment

Filing the ITR will help individuals as well entities when they have to apply for a loan as all major banks can ask for a copy of tax returns.

Can take input or carry forward losses

If you file returns properly & on time, you will be able to carry forward business & capital losses (short-term or long-term), if any, in a financial year to be adjusted against capital gains made in the subsequent years.

Helps in Visa Processing

TIf you want to travel overseas, foreign consulates may ask you to furnish ITR receipt of the last couple of years at the time of the visa interview. Some embassies may also ask for ITR receipts of previous three years, while some others may ask for the most recent certificate.

Apply For Government Tenders

Various government requires tenders to show their tax return receipts of the previous five years to apply tender. If you don’t file ITRs you may miss the business opportunity.

Buying a high-value life cover insurance

Buying a high-value life cover insurance especially over INR 1 Crore requires your ITR documents to verify annual income. Life insurance companies, like LIC, Max, etc ask for ITR receipts these days if you opt to buy a term life insurance policy.

TDS Return filing is mandatory requirement for all the individuals or entity that are having TAN registration and are responsible to deduct TDS.

There are 5 main types of TDS Returns:

Form 24Q

This form is to be filled in respect to a tax deduction on payment of employee salary. This return is to be filed by all the employers in India.

Form 26Q

This form is to be filled in respect to tax deductions on transactions other than payment of salary, such as on rent, professional fees, interests.

Form 27Q

The purpose of filing of this type of return is to furnish details of the transactions in respect to the foreign payments made.

Form 27EQ

TCS Return is filed with respect to the tax collection at source on transactions such as sale of liquor, tendu leaves, scrap sales, timber, etc.

Form 26QB

The purpose of this form filing TDS Returns with regard to a deduction on income from the sale of immovable property in India.
The importance of timely filing TDS returns can be understood as follows:


  • Late filing of the TDS/TCS return would attract of INR 200 per day till default continues.
  • The main purpose of the filing of TDS return is reconciling of the income actually earned with income declared in the income tax return.
  • You can not claim expenditure under your Return of Income on which the TDS was required to be deducted but not deducted. Hence liable for incremental tax incidence.
  • Form 26AS is annual consolidated tax statement that specifies the details of the taxes deducted during the year. Anyone can claim TDS credit only if entries is visible in form 26AS. If you deduct the TDS of a person and not file TDS return, such person may rush to you for the same at last moment.

GST return filing is a mandatory requirement for all the individuals or entities carrying GSTIN. Filing of GST Returns on time will let you and your customers claim input credit smoothly hence maintain healthy relationship with good prospects. However, Failing to file GST Returns on time will attract penalty of ₹20-50 per day and maximum up to ₹5000/- of each return.
Under Normal Scheme, there are two main types of the GST returns required to be file i.e. GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B.
Under Composition Scheme, you need to file GSTR-4 on quarterly basis.

A company is a separate legal corporate entity as per Companies Act 2013. Hence need to comply some Indian laws on annual basis such as companies act, 2013, income tax Act, 1961, etc
Registrar of Companies is also known as ROC under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs who looks after the compliances of Companies. Every private limited company irrespective of its size has to file ROC returns, prepare books of accounts, get statutory audit, file income tax return and prepare some documents to comply with the legal requirements given in the law.
Failing to comply with rules & guidelines can attract a hefty penalty on the company and their directors.

Given below are important parts of Private Limited Company Annual Compliances:

  • Preparation of Books of Accounts
  • Preparation of Financial Statement includes the balance sheet, statement of Profit & Loss, and statement of cash flows.
  • Statutory Audit by an Independent Auditor (Qualified Chartered Accountant)
  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Filing of ROC Returns
  • Preparation of statutory registers required under the Companies Act, 2013.

Project/Business report is just like a dream book of any entrepreneur that he or she carrying a vision to take its business idea commercially successful to the next height. Business Plan helps to demonstrate to stakeholders in brief about your organisation’s business idea, revenue model, profitability, market credibility. Besides, a strong business plan is necessary to pitch your innovative business idea before Incubators, Seed Investors or at Startup Seminars which help you to raise equity funds.
You can prepare a business plan & project report for the purpose of raising equity/debt funds & loan from banks, financial institution, VCs, etc.

Know your priorities ahead of time when it comes to planning out your schedule for the semester/quarter, it`s important to number your priorities.

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